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Ignitia Curriculum

As a company founded by teachers and educators, Alpha Omega Publications understands and shares a family desire to teach strong Christian values while promoting academic excellence. We’re here to provide you with the curriculum solutions you need, as well as the support and training you deserve, to accomplish your goals. 

We were born from a vision to provide high-quality and Christ-centered educational materials in a fast-growing Christian school movement. For over 40 years, we’ve been developing innovative curriculum and providing outstanding support services. Today, AOP serves over 1,100 Christian schools around the world.

With a curriculum that integrates a Christian worldview into every subject, students gain a clear view of the interconnectedness of God’s creation while learning to apply critical thinking from a Bible-based perspective.

AOP curriculum offers interactive, self-paced lessons that engage students and support retention of key concepts. Online courses also offer customization capabilities, so you have the freedom to build courses that suit your students and embrace your Christian school’s vision.

Ignitia Course Guide

Course Catalog

AOP Brochure

PDF's on the Ignitia curriculum

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