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  • Lily Kovalchuk

HCA's first graduate 2020

Hello, I am Elsie Kovalchuk, a 2020 graduate from Hope Christian Academy.

Years ago my parents took it upon themselves to guarantee a good education for their children. My Mother and my Father sacrificed considerable amounts of time and patience to instill into us a sincere love for learning. There were many tears shed when I had to read what seemed to be the dullest books known to man. And much frustration endured when I could not remember the difference between 6 and 9. Now I reflect on those times, ever so thankful to God I was blessed with parents that cared enough to impart on me a love for discerning truth.

I must also thank my siblings: Samantha, for encouraging me in all my passions whether or not they were realistic, Vera, for feeding my creativity and delight in the culinary arts which now bring me immense joy, Victoria, for helping me grow out of the “I hate everything pink and girly” phase. With her fascination of showering me and my siblings in gifts. Emily for always keeping me in check and for providing me a great friend that I will have for all my days. And Joseph, for helping me grow my patience and for acquainting me with the world of fishing, boundless Ukrainian pride, and soccer trick shots.

And though the terms school and family are almost interchangeable for me. I am also forever indebted to Hope Christian Academy. I was so fortunate to be able to attend such a distinguished institution. To learn about history and sciences while simultaneously learning about the Lord is a tremendous privilege awarded to few.

But above all I am thankful to our Heavenly Father and His infinite generosity, to afford me the honor not only to be born into such an amazing Christian home but also to be granted the opportunity to attend an exceptional academy.

Now that I am older and getting ready to go out into the world, I am girded in the truth, ready to pursue achieving something worth writing into history books. I am assured that dull books and the difference between 6 and 9 will help me get there.

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